Basic JS subtract. Is this a bug?

I did the exercise correctly, I even watch the video for the solution and it’s the same I wrote. But when I run the tests, it pops out this message:

// running tests
Only subtract one number from 45.
// tests completed

and also:

Make the variable difference equal 12.

Only subtract one number from 45.

So, i can continue to the next lesson.

let difference = 45 - 33;

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Challenge: Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript

Link to the challenge:

If you can provide the code that you’ve written for the challenge that would be great. We can’t really help much without knowing what you’ve tried to do.

Change your let to var to pass (specifics…)

Yes, it is a bug in the test. I have submitted a pull request to allow ES6 variable declarations such as let and const also.

Just replacing 0 with 33 worked for me :slight_smile: