Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

I was finally able to get the first project (Managing Packages with NPM) by going to Glitch and running replit from there. But that time I had a Run with Replit button that got me to a place where I could hit a Run button. I don’t have that this time. I have tried using Replit and locally using Studio Code and pushing it to git, but none of the three methods allows me to pass even the first step (console.log(“Hello World”);). I want to complete this, but I have no idea how to proceed to get the steps to pass. Can you help?


solution: Glitch :・゚✧

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Challenge: Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

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Specify the node version by adding the engines property to the package.json file.


"engines": { "node": "16" }

Then click the terminal button at the bottom and run enable-npm in the terminal and let it install the dependencies.

Now click the Preview button and use the URL you get from it for the submission.

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