Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console


I’m currently stuck in the first lesson for adding a console log for Basic Node and Express.

According to the test description, it seems that it only need to add console.log("Hello World");
The terminal did show “Hello World” as expected, but the test keeps failing.

I’ve looked through some posts on the freeCodeCamp forum and tried these steps, but not works:

1. Pressing Ctrl + C in the terminal.
2. Entering `npm start`in a bash prompt.

Please help.

Originally, Gitpod was used for this project. After being stuck for an hour, I cloned the GitHub repo and attempts the challenge locally.

The magic is, not restarting the npm in the code editor 's terminal, but restart at the cmd

Though I still haven’t figured out how to pass the lesson in Gitpod, I hope this information can help others facing a similar issue, as I’ve noticed it’s quite common for people to ask about it in this forum. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello there,

Gitpod is a cloud-based IDE. It does not serve your app on localhost:3000, otherwise you would not have access to it. Instead, you should use the URL Gitpod gives to you - look in the Gitpod preview URL bar.

Hope this clarifies

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