Basic Node and Express - trouble getting started

Hi all campers!
I have difficulties in continuing in the API curriculum, I do exactly what he asks but does not let me continue.
Can you help me?
this is the link of the project in github:

thank you all

How are you submitting the code? Do you have a live version you are submitting?

You can use the Glitch starter project and then submit the full page using Share > Live App > copy the URL and submit that URL.

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Hello and thanks for the reply…
I send the link of github that I inserted in the question, or this one here:

on glitch, all right in the npm part of the tutorial, now when I connect to the link in the tutorial description it sends me to a screen where it doesn’t make me change anything …

That won’t work it has to be a live site.

I don’t really understand what you mean.

But you have to save your own version of the project and submit that every time. Don’t start over with a new version for each challenge just keep building on the same version, at least until you are told otherwise (some challenges may give you new boilerplate starter code).

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Nothing now on glitch works again, but I assure you that I spent an entire afternoon with a white screen to keep me company, thank you very much for your interest and help anyway!

Post your glitch link.

Using Glitch is how almost everybody completes these challenges so I can assure you it works.