Basic Node / Express - challenge 1

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I’ve done a bunch of FCC lessons in the past but I don’t see how to complete even the first lesson on Node. I read the introduction page. I have a github account, it’s connected to Glitch, I can open the boilerplate. I see a bunch of commented items which look like things I’ll do further along in this lesson. I understand the first assignment is to print ‘hello world’ to the console in glitch. I don’t see any instructions on how to do this.

What am I missing?

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You do it the same way as in the browser. I guess at this point in the curriculum you are meant to infer this by the sentence.

Node is just a JavaScript environment. Like client side JavaScript, you can use the console to display useful debug information.

But I don’t think it would hurt to just give the command, I’m sure it isn’t all that obvious to everyone.

If you log “Hello World” to the console there in app.js (for example, after the require lines), you can see it in the console. But if you then glitch > share (url) and submit that as the link on fcc, it doesn’t do anything. Actually it’s showing that my output isn’t correct, because it’s not receiving anything. Where is fcc looking for its input?

The FCC lesson is just not at all clear about what you’re supposed to do or what it’s looking for to verify your results. I’ve done the only intuitive things and nothing happens.

Are you submitting the “Live App” URL? If not, under the share options you can switch to it using the button “Live App” and submit that URL.

Also, please link to your Glitch project if that doesn’t work.

There it is. That works. Live App, got it. Maybe people would know that if they’ve done previous modules that use Glitch, I have not though. I think the instructions should be updated to include this information. I would be willing to contribute that if you can tell me where to do so.

Thank you


I agree. It is actually often an issue that people do not submit the correct thing.

You can check out the Contribution Guidelines.