Basic Portfolio feedback and navbar help

Hello All! I’m working on my basic portfolio and I’m stuck on a few things.

  1. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated. I didn’t really know what to do so I based it off the example (without looking at the code of course).
  2. I can’t get my navbar to float using bootstrap. I’ve looked in several libraries and tried multiple variations of syntax but nothing works.
  3. This might be dumb but would my submit button in the contact section work? Would it send the info in all of the inputs? Do I need an individual submit button for every input?
  4. How can I center my social media icons next to each other in a row? Do I need to specify a column, and if so how?

Thank you in advance!

Does this help with #2?

Your submit button would not work for the following reasons:

  • Your entire form should be between <form> tags.
  • Each input in your form must have a name attribute (name="message", for example) to identify it to the POST request.
  • Your button requires an action attribute (action="submit.php", for example) which requires another script to process the POST request.

Thanks @JaceyBennett! I’m gonna try your suggestions tonight when I get home

Your fix for my navbar worked like a charm, and I made the changes you suggested to my submit button. I don’t know the first thing about php yet so I used your example as my action and changed my form’s target to blank to open in a new window. When I hit submit it takes me to my portfolio. Does this mean it works in theory but I can’t see the data because I need the server-side script to process the request as you said?

Sorry, Nigel, I just realised that what I wrote was a bit misleading. It’s your form that requires the action, which is triggered by the button. So you’d move action="submit.php" to your form tag and tell the form that you’re posting:<form action="submit.php" method="post">

Let’s see if I can explain how the back end mechanics would work in PHP.

If your form’s action is “submit.php” and you’ve defined a post method, when you click the submit button, you’ll be sent to a new page called submit.php (which is also written by you), which should have your PHP code to process the request. The post method puts the data submitted from the form into an array called $_POST that you can access with your PHP code. The names you give to your form fields define the keys of your array. For example, the information submitted in your “name” field will be accessible in $_POST[‘name’] and whatever was entered into the “message” field will be in $_POST[‘message’]. So you can take that information out of the array and do something useful with it like emailing to yourself or entering it into a database. This might help:

Ahhhh ok I’m starting to understand. I’ll take a closer look later tonight. Thank you!