Basic, Powershell, and Ms-DOS Differences

What is the differrence beetween basic, Powershell, and Ms-DOS

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I have no Idea - but here is an answer: Google it!

MSDos is a very old, very dead operating system for PCs.

Powershell is a framework consisting of a programming language and a shell (an interface for you to interact with your computer) that is designed for automating tasks (start this program, stop that program, find these files, delete those files, compile this code etc). Designed for Windows PCs, but as of very recently, available on other operating systems (with a bit of faffing around). It is like Bash if that means anything to you.

BASIC is a very old, basically dead programming language designed for beginners. In olden times you used to get entire BASIC programs printed in PC magazines that you had to laboriously type in by hand, games and stuff (which would inevitably not work because there was a typo either in the magazine or that you had introduced). It lives on in a different form as a scripting language used mainly for MS Excel spreadsheets.

Seconding the “use Google” suggestion above, mind you.

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