Basic say hello

I literally just started using freecodecamp. Can’t get passed the first test.

I’ve tried <h1>Hello World</h1> and <h1> "Hello World"</h1>
What am I missing?

Well…neither of those are code you are asked to provide. You are asked to add the word World to Hello in the H1 tags.

If you did that and it’s still not working. What browser are you using?

I followed the directions and added world both ways; with and without “”.

I’m using internet explorer. Should I be using chrome?

Don’t use the “”. In the future, make sure you use the ask for help button. It will prefill ask so that everyone can get a clear view of what you have done and can offer more constructive suggestions. You’ll find, especially as things get complex, that you’ll get help sooner. :smiley:

However, yes try using Chrome, IE doesn’t support much of what you need to run this site (among others).