Basic Scripting: Frustration

I am trying to learn JavaScript with the curriculum offered both in The Odin Project and Free Code Camp, I have been studying for three weeks now and I cannot even solve the Basic Scripting Challenges.

I am getting very frustrated as I am trying so hard to understand the basic syntax of the code.

Does anyone else feels like this?

I would say if you really want it, just keep going and keep typing code. It will become more familiar as you go and also become easier to learn new parts. I imagine everyone who tries to learn this feels frustrated at some point.


On freeCodeCamp, you’ve seen multiple references to “Read, Search, Ask”. All three of these pieces are very important.


Read the instructions carefully. Read the examples carefully. Read the test cases carefully. Read the starter code in the editor. Then go back and read everything at least one more time. Remember that things that feel like “small details” in human languages are very important in computer languages.


Making several searches, on the topic(s) that you’re struggling with may be enough to get you on the right track, or at least give you something else to try. It can also help you ask more targeted questions that will get you better results. Learning how to search for good resources and learning how to read different styles of explanations and documentation are skills that you build with time. Don’t worry if a lot of what you find doesn’t make much sense at first.


Asking for help doesn’t mean that you couldn’t do it. Other developers are a resource that will always be available to you. Very often we can help you figure it out with very little help. It’s important to know when it’s time to ask someone for help and it’s important to learn how to do so effectively. The more details you are able to give us about what you do and don’t feel like you understand, what code solutions you’ve tried and how they didn’t work, what the code that you think is closest to the answer looks like, and so on.