Basic Structure of css and html

can anyone tell me that did my structure of html and Css is Good or should i use the otherone???

this is the link of codepen

Are you follow code from the example given by FCC?
if yes, you should rewrite with your own version of code because code from example its not a good code, a lot of element dont embedded in the object of the page and it become more messy when screen size is changing.

i suggest you to add some temporary border each element so the debugging make more easier escpecially when it comes to screen resizing adjustment.

This looks fine, but you don’t need the <!DOCYTPE html> or anything. CodePen allows you to directly go to the content. The links, however, there is a way you can keep them without pasting. When you go to settings, and go to the option HTML, you get a stuff for head setting, in which you can paste the links (And be sure to close them too). Obviously this is just my suggestion, but for me it works good.

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