Basics HTML Symaics syntax

What Kind Of HTML is made off?

Could you please articulate a little more? I don’t even understand what you want to ask.

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Based on a previous question by the OP I presume he mixed Syntax and Semantics in a unique word.

HTML Syntax is based off of XML; HTML is a markup language that was invented for documentation and scientific markup. The Semantics of HTML are not “made of” of anything if not markup logic.

If you wanted to write an article, you would do it by adding the <article></article> tag, that would go inside the <body></body> of the HTML page which would also have a <head></head> with a <title></title>. So, the semantics of an HTML page are usually self explanatory. A hard tag could be <div></div> because it plays the role of a jolly inside the markup, but if you understand this concept of containers and contained you are good to code.

HTML is developed in a tree-syntax form which means that some tags (or nodes) are parents, some are children, one is root. Taking what I just said you can better understand this structure.

<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- Document Type Definition, we define that the document is HTML -->
<html> <!-- The root of the HTML document -->
   <head></head> <!-- The head of the document, containing all the informations and meta data -->
   <body></body> <!-- The body of the document, containing all the data and what the user will see on the web page -->
</html> <!-- Closing tag of the root -->

If it’s not clear, let me know :slight_smile:

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