Be careful with alpha versions

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I’m posting because I’ve spent the last several hours chasing down a weird bootstrap problem and thought I’d share what I found with everyone. Specifically, I was trying to use Bootstrap panels in a project but they wouldn’t render correctly, or at all actually. Then I tried Bootstrap labels but they also wouldn’t render correctly. Eventually I discovered that it was the version of the Bootstrap libraries I was using that was causing my problems.

Bootstrap version 4.0.0.-alpha.6 does not render Panels or Labels correctly (at least not on Chrome). The last released version does (3.3.7). I created two pens showing the difference. The html is identical, all that I changed was the Bootstrap versions in the settings.

Bootstrap Labels & Panels work with Bootstrap 3.3.7
Bootstrap Labels & Panels don’t work with Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.6

I stumbled onto this problem by using the “Quick Add” feature of, which uses the 4,0,0-alpha.6 version as it’s default now. Hopefully this post will help someone else who might run into this. And it also served as a reminder to me to always be wary of alpha anything.

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Have a look at the first point under the Components section here.

Something that helped me learn and saved me (and probably others) a lot of time—I question myself first, and thoroughly, if something doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

We’ve been noticing people having issues with various classes over in gitter… so a few of us who help out regularly there put this together: