Become-a-Dev New Year's Resolution Challenge

Quick q for anyone currently doing the challenge ;

Does completing the Relational Database Certification count as our 100 days of code - or

We have to complete the Relational Database Certification PLUS start the free 3,000 hour curriculum?

Thanks in advance

my interpretation was that you do 100 days of code (code for 30 min each day for 100 days) and complete the certification. but you could work on the certification as part of your 100 days of coding, because you’re coding/learning coding… right? at least that’s what i’m doing for my 100 days.

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The idea behind 100 days of code is to write code every day for 100 days. That can mean doing a course like freeCodeCamp, but doesn’t have to.


Makes sense. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Kadero !

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Step #2 technically says that you have to start the 100 days of code challenge.
And Step #3 technically says that you have to complete the Relational database course.

So, you don’t have to do any of the other freeCodeCamp courses as part of this 2022 become a dev challenge.
You also don’t have to complete the 100 days of code challenge. You just have to start it.

Here is the article again for more clarification

Hope that helps!


Okay thanks. I’ll do the Database course and the Camp courses once I’m done. :slight_smile:

Just making sure. So to complete the step we have to complete all these courses?

Hi @Jaleel-VS !

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That is correct :grinning:

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How do we turn in our projects for credit to get the certification? I didn’t see the instructions anywhere. I may have missed it!

Hi @ksfinn !

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The relational database is not available to receive a certificate yet.
Once it becomes available then you will be able to submit the certification projects and receive the certificate.

Thank you! I was confused because the challenge said to get the certification.

I finished the first tutorial :smile:

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