Become a freelance front-end developer

why it’s so hard to become a freelance front-end developer

In addition to coding, you will need to build client-base and do all that stuff which is not related to coding directly. All by yourself. That’s a hell of task.


There are 2 large factors that make freelancing hard.

  1. It’s not a single job, it’s all of the jobs of a company. Your not only the developer, but also the marketing, sales-person, research and development, support staff, project management, design, operations and HR. Sure there are marketplaces and software out there that can help you, but its still up to you and solely you to operate them, unless of course your paying someone else, which leads you into a more “management” role.

  2. Competition. If the advantage of being a freelancer is working wherever you want or wherever you want, then you also are probably competing for jobs against people across the world. This makes job hunting much more difficult as the competition could come from anywhere. Depending on how much your asking you may be competing with others that are asking for dramatically different prices for what you’re doing.

Putting these 2 factors together means you’re in a similar spot as a small business that you are running yourself competing against a large amount of global competition.


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