Been doing nun computer work all my life - How should I set up my CV?

Hi guys,

This is not my top priority at the moment, as I am still a bit too fresh to apply for work.
It still popped up in my head, and Google didn’t give me the right answers, or I didn’t ask the right questions.

Me being 33 years old, how do I put in 18 years worth of work experience(not relevant to IT), and still make it a CV about web development?

Thanks for all your help in advance.


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Make a nice portfolio and let your dev projects be the first thing the recruiter would notice. Mention your non-programming work in such a manner that it would add some value to your personal abilities: being accurate, working under the stress, being good at communicating with people, time management pro and so on.

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I’ve been toiling about this myself before you reply and pretty much came to the same conclusion.
The only problem I am still facing, is how to make them go and check out my projects when they receive my CV?

The CV should stand out above the crowd(at least a little) for me to physically(digitally) show them what I am cable of doing.