Been learning /coding about 30 hours a week and was looking for mechanical keyboard recommend

Been coding and learning more and more and i find i don’t love typing on the MacBook pro keyboard or the apple magic one i own as well… as i’ve never typed this much beyond the typical shortcuts in others app, was wondering if anyone would share what they use and like, mechanical keyboard and or others. thanks! ( in use on a mac keyboard)

I’m a big mechanical keyboard fan (my daily driver is an ErgoDox). What are you looking for in a keyboard?

I do strongly recommend buying a switch tester to get a feel for what switches you like (and possibly get/build a hot-swappable board so you don’t have to desolder if you decide you want a different switch).

thanks, so my other career is just using some shortcuts and mix controller so i’ve not had to use keyboard much but what i’m finding is my hands sorta stutter from the lack of travel on the keys - like there’s not much to them

It comes down to a few key considerations:

  • programability: Are you going to want to remap the keys or add macro keys?
  • form factor: Do you want a full sized keyboard with a number pad? A smaller keyboard that doesn’t monopolize your desk? A split keyboard for ergonomics?
  • switches: This is arguably the most significant factor in your first keyboard. There are different types of switches (linear, tactile, clicky) that require different amounts of force to press. It’s pretty cheap to get a switch tester with the most popular switch options. The difference in typing experience is pretty significant.
  • budget: You can spend anywhere from $60 to several hundred dollars on a keyboard. For a standard entry-level keyboard you are usually going to spend $100-$200. This is definitely a “you get what you pay for” type of product.

If you don’t need programability and are interested in a budget board with a fairly traditional form factor, I love my Magicforce 68 (Gateron Blues FTW!). But @ArielLeslie knows keyboards and that post above is top notch.

(I knew you would pop up to recommend the MagicForce.)

Of course :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t have more specific needs, it really is the best entry level to mid level keyboard out there, hands down, if you want my clearly sophisticated and amazeballs opinion.

@ArielLeslie thanks a lot great tips , alot to think about and i will take your advice and try out the key switches, i don’t think i need a full keyboard with numeric keypad etc but i guess
@JeremyLT that looks like a good started thanks i will check it out