Been using free code camp for about two months I feel like I'm ready to start my own projects or even start some on this site but when ready to start projects my mind to blank as if I know not what to do

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function divisibleTriangleNumber(n) {
// Good luck!
return true;


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Challenge: Problem 12: Highly divisible triangular number

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Well why not try to make some games?

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What really helps me is watching a tutorial and coding along to it and than once finished, putting that all aside and opening a new browser and coding it again without watching anything . Then the next day when your brains fresh and you haven’t seen that code in almost 24hrs come back to it and code it again by yourself.

You will code it a few times but you will learn a lot more the second, third or fourth time through. This really helps get methods down opposed to just copying code from a tutorial.

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have you tried the projects at the end of each certification?

the Interview Prep section is pretty heavy on algorithms, and it is better to do after having finished the projects.

for the Interview Prep you may also need a lot of googling stuff as many of these have their own mathematical algorithms you can find online and translate to code to make it work

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