Beer Survey Form - Feedback

Here is my survey form. Feedback is appreciated.

Like the design :slight_smile: I would change few things.

  • change cursor of mouse when it hovers on submit button.
  • Clicking on input boxes gives focuses on your inputs with rectangular outlines. Since your borders are more round, they don’t match. Try removing them. So is the textarea.
  • Give some margin bottom to your form.
  • Consider making it responsive.

Cheers :tada:

Appreciate the feedback. Went back through the responsive web design section to refresh my memory and applied some changes. Here’s an updated link:

Background is relaxing…:grinning:

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Overall, it looks good.

I’d suggest you running the validators that codepen provides. In the HTML and CSS sections click on the arrow in the upper right. There are some things you can look at in HTML and in CSS one error affects how your Submit button looks.