Begginer and his portfolio

Hello, I’ve just started my freecodecamp course. Right now I’m trying to build my portfolio but I’m struggling with so many things. I’m trying to make sticky navbar but after I have position: fixed; to my navbar it start to looks way diffrent than I want and I don’t know how to fix it.

Thanks for help and sorry for my english it’s my second language.

My second question is about my navbar.

How I can go from navbar to other part of the site by clicking on anchor ?

Don’t have much time. But here is a solution for nav.

try adding width: 98% to nav and padding-top: 80px; to your about section. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You are a star mate! I’m gonna give my sixth son your name :slight_smile: Cheers mate!

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Hahahaha You are welcomed camper. :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea how to fix my problem with anchors ?

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Give each section a different ID and use Anchor’s href attribute to direct it to that section.

For example.

Your about section has an ID of about. Then your Anchor would be.
<a href="#about"></a>

That works! You are a start mate! I’ve got one last problem. I cant center paragraph in the footer. Do you have any ideas ?
How to make this site responsive ? This is last thing i wanna do until i try to build better portfolio with flexbox or bootstrap dont know yet.

Your footer is a little messy because of floats. And it’s looking better as it is I would suggest to leave it that way. Otherwise you will have to remove floats and center align both icons and the Paragraph.

For the Responsiveness of site you will most probably need to re-do that site using Bootstrap. Learn FlexBox later when you get familiar with the basic concepts of responsive sites.

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Ok so I’ll leave it like this and build Portfolio vol.2 with bootstrap. ! Bless you.

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