Begin the harshness, rate my quote box

I set it up to be a banner for another page so its intentionally small.
but on a small screen like a phone its much larger and would work like a loading or splash page or something.

I think you’ve got it working overall, just a few CSS issues that can be fixed:

  • Some of your text is overflowing out of your banner. You can fix this with a ‘font-size:%’ CSS attribute or maybe place the tweet button above the new quote button so you have more horizontal space.
    *I’d put some more padding in your div so it doesn’t overlap the border.

Other than that, looks pretty good! I especially like the text animation that you added!

Quick question.
Did you see the text overlap on a big or small screen?(tablet and above is big)?

It was on a laptop using Firefox. Looks like you were able to get it smaller, but there’s still one quote that overflows. I had the same issue with my quote machine, but I cheated and just shortened the quote! :slight_smile: