Beginner at programming

Basically, I am new at programming and I just finished the first basic introductions to HTML & HTML5 and to CSS. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me on how to learn the best way possible as I am want to learn though online courses.
Should I find more courses and keep practising HTML and CSS or should I just continue to the next topic? Is this way of learning better?
Would you recommend that I do other courses while I do the curriculum in freecodecamp or should I just stick to it and when I finish find something else?
Thankss :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello, I would recommend doing FreeCodeCamp & Online courses. If you want some suggestions for courses on the Front-End checkout my blog post here.

Thank you so much! You think I should do them at the same time I do freecodecamp or when I finish?

I’m gonna send you a DM which will break it down for you.

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@marachimeno You and everyone else who decides to view the blog post @wmooney1984 references above should know that several of the links provided on his “blog” post are referral links. This means he potentially gets paid when you click on those links and buy anything on the end sites. I would stay clear of any suggestions given where the suggester makes money off the recommendations. That is a major conflict of interest and it is most likely only in the suggester’s best interest.

EDIT: @wmooney1984 has now removed the referral links from the Front-End Books section links, so the conflict of interest I mentioned earlier has been resolved. After a short discussion with him, it appears it was never his intention have the referral part in the urls, so he edited his blog article accordingly.


Actually there are no referral links in it but thanks anyways.

edit Randal was right. I missed some referrals in the books but they are now corrected.

Also Randal you could try to help answer the individuals question while your at it instead of attacking me.

Instead of going from course to course, try to complete projects, think of something you want to create and do it, you will learn much more if you research things with a goal than just following passively a course - for example, have you done the projects for the freecodecamp certificate? that’s a good way to start learning

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I didn’t get to the project yet, but I will practice with my own project. Thank you!

I’m new to programming and so far only html is available to me. I am sure that this site will help me to find a lot of answers to my questions.