Beginner Coder/ Newbie

Hi, Everyone my name is Marie I am new at coding, but I’m looking forward to meeting other beginning coders and learning all the basic steps as I go. I want to someday become a web designer . I am somewhat shy and not much of a talker but maybe I can change that by interacting with you all. I want to know what are your reasons for wanting to code ? and what profession are you seeking to be employed in?

Hi Marie. I do it for hobby. Do I want to be a developer? No, I just want to code cool stuff. If people like it, then is all good. :wink:

Hello Marie, welcome to the club :slight_smile: I joined FCC recently myself. At this time I code for hobby, although it is something I could use in my current profession as a secondary skill.

Many years ago writing software was my job, but it was very specific, for the testing of electronic circuits. The language was proprietary, similar to Pascal (if that tells you anything). Once I moved on to other responsibilities I kept coding for fun. Over the years I have tried Basic, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, just a bit of C++, looked into Python and now having fun with JavaScript and HTML. I am also toying around with Basic! (the exclamation mark is part of the name) a version of Basic for the development of Android apps straight on your phone. That is pretty cool, as I can code away wherever I am, even without a computer.

Enjoy the ride, if you want to be a web designer someday, you will!!!

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Awesome! So its safe to say you’ve been coding for awhile right? tell me what what do you like most about it ? and what the hardest part you’ve encountered so far?

Hi Marie, it’s great that you’re taking up coding!
I’m new here, but I’ve been coding for about 4 years now.
I code because I have aspirations to work in Artificial Intelligence someday, mostly so I can take the skills I learn working with companies and apply them to my own personal projects. AI is the thing that makes me most curious I guess.

Currently entering my third year of Uni on an industrial placement as a Web Developer/Business Analyst - hopefully will use the skills to help me get towards the AI field someday :slight_smile:

Hi , Batware

Wow! I hope to be where you are as far as coding goes so far I know a little bit about HTML I started on that back in high school. Yes, android app making something I aspire to get into one day as well…I want to create and app for everyday use. I haven’t came up with a concept yet though. Are there any other sites or books that you would recommend to further expand my knowledge of coding ?

Hi, Guiamo ,
I think you’re gonna be great at Artificial Intelligence, I’m excited to see what the future holds for us and the ideas we come up with

What I like about it? You can customize tools to manage daily stuff. You can build silly games. I picked this up a long time ago, because I find it interesting to tell computer what to do.

The hardest part is staying motivated, I get bored pretty quickly. And not enough time to learn everything, there seems to be too many “standard tools” to keep up.

I personally don’t like chasing the latest technology. That’s why I stay as hobbyist than a developer.