Beginner-Help with parsing out multi select drop downs

I am very new to Java Script and wondering if someone would be able to help me. I have columns F-K (target column numbers 5-10) that are each a multi select drop down field. So, there are multiple answers chosen in these cells. Only one of the columns will be used as a multi select per row. So, if column F has values in it then columns G-K will not have values in it for that row. I am in need of parsing out these multi select answers. So, if on cell F2 10 answers were chosen in this cell then there should be 10 rows of data (one answer per row with the other data copied down). I have the below code so far for column K (#10), but not sure how I get it to do the other columns.
Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

function zoneparse(range) {
delimiter = "\n"
targetColumn = 10

var output2 = [];
for(var i=0, iLen=range.length; i<ilen; i++)="" {
="" var="" s="range[i][targetColumn].split(delimiter);"
="" for(var="" j="0," jlen="s.length;" j<jlen;="" j++)="" output1="[];" k="0," klen="range[0].length;" k<klen;="" k++)="" if(k="=" targetcolumn)="" output1.push(s[j]);
="" }="" else="" output1.push(range[i][k]);
="" }
="" output2.push(output1);
="" return="" output2;

Welcome, adray.

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Hi adray and welcome!
I’m still a bit unclear on the description of your problem, do you have more examples of data in tables as you mentioned?

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My apologies. Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully this is better. :grinning:
Below is a public link to better reference images. As well as, the code between the back ticks.
Link to reference images and code

function zoneparse(range) {
  delimiter = "\n"
  targetColumn = 10

  var output2 = [];
  for(var i=0, iLen=range.length; i<iLen; i++) {
    var s = range[i][targetColumn].split(delimiter);    
    for(var j=0, jLen=s.length; j<jLen; j++) {
      var output1 = []; 
      for(var k=0, kLen=range[0].length; k<kLen; k++) {
        if(k == targetColumn) {
        } else {
  return output2;