Beginner Here, need a more sophisticated Mad Lib


I’m very new to Python, but for a learning project I just completely a very rudimentary Mad Lib (one of those things where you give nouns, adjectives etc which are then plugged into a story with hilarious results. )

See below for a brief example.

So I would like the program to be able to tell if the noun starts with a vowel or consonant, so for example it would correctly print “an apple” instead of “a apple”. What functions or concepts should I learn about to try to write this into my code? Many thanks.

Noun1 = input('Give me a noun: ').lower() 
print(f'John loved to eat a {Noun1} for breakfast)

you don’t need anything more than basic syntax (how do you extract the first character of a string? how do you compare a string?)

but if you want to go with something new, then Regular Expressions

Thanks for your reply, I’ll put those in my learning plan.