Beginner here, starting my tribute page. Totally lost. Suggestions?

I am in the early phase of making my tribute page. I know it is just HTML but I guess the blank lines are just freaking me out. Step by step or a basic framework I think would make this less daunting. Such as first handle your H elements, then add div’s, then emphasize text, so on and so forth. Like a basic frame work for building an HTML page from scratch. Wondering what other people did here to get going from terrifying blank page to some kind of start?

What blank lines are you talking about? The ones in the editor? I think getting over those is the first step to getting started :smiley: First, imagine what your page will look like. This is a creative process, there are no rules to where you put what (I am talking about the layout, not the actual code, there are rules there).Then start implementing each part invididually until you are happy with how it looks. When everything is in position, see if you are happy with the end result and make changes accordingly.

Send me a PM if you need help.

I broke down the other tribute pages, printed them out and marked them up, worked out a step by step for myself. First time with this creative process entirely on my own but after wrestling with it a little bit I came up with a plan to chip away at it. Now its just the normal struggles of making sure my code is clean and correct. Thank you for the tips!