Beginner looking for feedback

Hi guys,
I just started coding a little over 2 weeks ago and started doing the second assignment of the HTML/CSS (the tribute page). It took me about 3 days to build this website and I just wanna know what you guys think of it. I’d be extremely glad to hear what you think could have been done better or should have been done better,

I’ve used a free host to host the site:
And you can view the html/css doc at: GitHub - PhilipMHF/Tribute-to-Quentin-Tarantino


I’m a beginner as well and I think it looks great. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions

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Thanks, man. It means a lot.
Well, we all have to start somewhere. I’m sure yours looks even more awesome.

Looks Great!
I’m a beginner myself who started 1 week ago, have just finished the nutritional label last night.

hope I can produce something like these for the project too, would have to make lots of reference on codes and such.

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HI @PhilipMHF !

Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post over to the #project-feedback section since that seemed like the more appropriate category for it.

As for your project, I think it looks good.

Just a couple of comments from me

I looked through your code and there were a few times where you left alt attributes empty or omitted them all together.

 <img src="/images/tarantino-tr-fl.png" alt="" />
 <img src="/images/leaves.png" alt="" />

That is not good practice.

You should make sure to fill out your alt attributes

Hope that helps!


Loved it…!! Keep going.

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Thank you so much for the time you gave me.
I’ll make sure to remove all unused bits of code from my projects.

Good job! three days “wow” thats good i would have taken 6-7 days, i like it. where did u learn?
:+1: :+1: :clap: :clap:

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@PhilipMHF This is wonderful. I checked your code and noticed that you made a working hamburger menu with only HTML and CSS in mobile viewports.

I dove deeper and saw that you’ve hidden a checkbox behind the picture and whenever you click (and check ) it, the navigation menu would pop up for you. Nice :smile:

Good thing I checked your project. I’ll use this insight whenever I want to build a menu without JavaScript.

Thanks, man. I just applied everything I learned from freeCodeCamp. Their course is awesome but whenever I get stumped on an HTML element or I need to know how a CSS property works, I search it on google to get a bit more about what it is and what it does. I’m sure your design is amazing.

It’s actually quite easy. I learned it from Kevin Powell. He has a YT channel where he posts videos about CSS. His videos are awesome. It’s actually quite an easy trick. I have Kevin to thank for that.:sweat_smile:

Ironic, I also watch his videos for CSS tricks too. Either way I hope both of us would achieve what we wanted. Wish you all the best… :grin:

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Fantastic work on your GitHub repositories, I am now following you and will take a good look at whats under the hood. I am new to this community and am working on the 2nd course of CSS. I hope to look into your site when i get on my pc.

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Thanks, man. I’d love to hear what you think.

Hey there! I’m actually styling my tribute page as well, but it will be something much more simple. I’m more into functionality than decoration(I’m having hard time choosing font-styles and colors and stuff, but excited about make page responsive)…
Your page looks awesome, i’ll try to look into your CSS, but it’s almost 600 lines, need some time for it. If I will have some thoughts/questions, I’ll post it here.

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And one more thing. I believe its Quentin not Quintin… Maybe it’s a typo in the name of your repo on GitHub???

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You’re right. I think I misspelled it. Will fix it later. I usually type quickly and make a few typos here and there.

Well done @PhilipMHF. I like it - the layout and the fonts. Every section has a different colour which is a bit too much for me. I would have used less colours, but in the end it’s great result - much, much better than the one I made.

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