Beginner - need help!

Hi everyone,

I am a student and brand new to the world of coding.

I have been reading materials and following some coding tutorials and still struggling with where to start for my design.

Attached is the homepage of my website I need to create.

I am understanding the basics of text, container boxes and images, however I have no idea how to layer items particularly text and logos over background images…

If this was your project, where would you start and are there any design elements that stand out to you as being ‘special cases’?

Thank you so much! hope to hear back from you guys soon!!

I don’t typically use the term layering because it can be confusing. Instead I like to split things up into components. Where we have the hamburger button is the navigation component then the image with the buy tickets is the header component and so on.

From the look of the design there isn’t anything that seems too nonstandard. The only thing I’d ask is how the design is supposed to look on various devices.