Beginner question in Python

Hello guys,
I am beginning in python and there’s something I don’t understand. I have to treat images, and there’s what bothers me : “original_img” is a png image imported with the command

original_img = cv2.imread("images/original_im.png")

I saw that two ways to make a copy of this image work :

copy1 = np.copy(original_img)
copy2 = original_img.copy()

I tried to get the shape of this image the same way with

shape1 = np.shape(original_img)
shape2 = original_img.shape()

but the line with shape2 creates an error. Why doesn’t it work, and where can I find which “methods” (I don’t know if it’s the right term) work or not in both configurations ?
I hope my question is clear enough. Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

EDIT : I understood my error (I don’t need parenthesis that I tried to use for shape2. Can’t delete my post).