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What is the first “>” for in this example? The <a has a closing at the end of the line already. The img src has its own < and >.

I didn’t originally have the first “>” after href="#" but I needed to add it to show the picture of the cat and it is the correct answer.

Just wondering why that symbol is need there.

<a href="#"> <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>

All HTML tags are contained within angle brackets (<>). The <a href="#"> tag is a separate tag from the <img src="...etc"> tag. If the first tag didn’t have the closing angle brace, then the img tag would be seen as part of the a tag rather than a child component.

Does that help clear it up?

Yes. The a tag opens <a then href inside with > at end. Then closing tag </a> at end. This rather than opening <a> like with <p> for example.

Thank you.