Beginner Struggling with learning Code

Hi Can someone there who can explain to me why it feels so hard to understand the logic in coding, it has been a month that I have been learning programming, and whenever a problem set is there I never know which variable and loop to use. Is this happening to me or is it a problem with all the newbies? I copy a lot of code in tasks is it fair while beginning?? If someone recommends some steps about how to learn code effectively also there is the burden of exams on my mind for the CS degree, So I recommend me some tips to efficiently manage my study and code


a month is nothing and you are not alone: I remember one of our most experienced developers and moderators here saying even he has to look up things all of the time.

My advice is: Grind through, keep up. You will at some point start to remember WHAT feature you will need to implement into your current project (a button, an API endpoint, etc). Grow your knowledge in system design, get a bird’s eye view.

You will always need to look up the details, even as a senior. There’s simply too much to remember in our constantly changing field.


Agreed with what @DanielHuebschmann said: there is so much to coding and nobody is ever ‘done’ with their learning. I promise though, the longer you keep at it, the easier it’ll get.

Copying code and getting it to work is a skill in itself, don’t worry about it - all the best artists take inspiration from somewhere, right? My only suggestion here would be to limit your use of tools like the AI copilot, at least at the start, so that you get some experience building things up/tweaking existing code yourself.

All the best!


Welcome to the community @Talha_Since_2005 !

Learning to code is not easy, but it is rewarding.

I am learning, just like you, and I relate it to learning any new language. It is challenging to get the structure of the language, and the tone of voice and sound of the voice correct. I relate these to our syntax and other areas within the coding world.
I find it difficult, like you do.

Just know that you can do this, and there is a community of other learner, and once learners (whether through freeCodeCamp or other means) in the Moderators/Leaders and Staff, here to help you.

You have this and you can succeed!

Wishing you good progress!

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@Bacoknight thank you for helping out, your suggestion means alot


@anon42932716 Yes free code camp is always there, will try to keep it fun not burden

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