Being a developer

How much of the job involves learning as you go? I just landed a job as a front end devloper but I’m only proficient at Html and Css at the moment. I dont know a lot of javascript and I know some jQuery. The CEO was fine with that because of the amount of time I put into perfecting my craft. I’m beginning to think that the entire role of a developer is learning as you go… would that be accurate to say so?


Yes, always learning, always googling, always reading.

You can’t possibly fit all these stuff in your head. I think it’s more important knowing that some kind of X command exists, and then just googling/reading the docs to get further details/syntax if needed.

Right now, I have a client’s project, and I needed some smart/real-time processing on the form inputs … decided to try VueJS for this task, so I’m learning/reading about Vue while working on this project.

BTW, I highly recommend this program – Dash
All the reference manuals you need on your desktop. You can add/remove manuals based on what you’re working on.


Yeah, even if you could keep it all in your head, better ways of accomplishing things come around all the time. Frameworks you use will have new versions and eventually become obsolete. No matter how much you know there is always more to learn.

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Yes, I always afraid that I miss somethings as a web developer. but I think you are on the right track. In my experience, I learned JavaScript first then jQuery which JavaScript gives me enough foundation to learn other framework faster. but what I miss is the real world experience about project and teamwork with someone else. so, I say dont worry too much about it. Keep learning the thing you are interested or your company require :slight_smile:

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zeal for linux/windows instead of dash too. good stuff

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Congratulations on landing a front end developer job! I have been trying, but no luck. I’m sure it’s because I don’t have any experience.

I have a few friends who landed programming jobs and they said they had to learn it while on the job because they didn’t have any experience with it.

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A lot of learning is needed as improving. It’s very important to keep learning all he time as new things are being developed and you have to know what you do and do it the best way or errors might occur. Of course you can always use programs like checkmarx or others to detect your errors but it also recommended to do it by yourself.
Good luck!

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I appreciate all of the advice so far. It’s very useful! The CEO is in australia, so we havent launched… I just met the Art Director. The anticipation is killing me lol but I’m happy i joined the forum!