Being developer at nyc


I have a question on my career but first I would like to introduce myself.

I’m actually a student of 23 years old on my fourth year for a master of “Expert in Computer Science and Information System” in a not really well-known school call Epsi at the city of Nantes. (One of the biggest city of France).That’s alternative studies where I work 2.5 weeks on 4 from my second year. So i’m beginning to accumulate some real experience.

I’m working in a startup on moderate sized web applications with some actual technologies such as Docker, Symfony, Vue.JS, MySQL, Git and I’m involved on development as well as conception.Beside that I have some personal projects where I’m learning Node JS, React, React Native, TypeScript, PostgreSQL. I’m also using MacOs, Linux and Windows. I evaluate my english writing and reading at something like 8/10 but my talking at 6/10.

At the end of my last year of studies I think I can be categorized as a Full Stack Developer.

My dream is to move at New York for 3~5 years and working there (obviously as a Developer) and live without depriving myself.

According to angel dot co there is opportunities for jobs sponsoring visas from 70k to 200k with skills wanted corresponding to mines.

Now that’s what i see on paper.

Is it accurate ?

Do you think my profile is enough to pretend to these job ?

That kind of visas are strong enough to not being thrown away at the first little trouble ?

Are French immigrants well regarded ?

I’m thinking of making a stop in Paris for 2~3 years to gain more experience but i’m really looking forward to move to NY…

Thank you for your interest and help :slight_smile: