Being forced to sign an agreement to not work with another recruiter on a position

recruiting firms have often asked me to sign something that says if some other firm offers me the same position at the same company then i cant take it.

that doesnt seem fair to me. today a recruiting firm told me about a position that another firm told me about a few weeks ago. I havent heard back from the first firm though and the second firm is more reputable and told me that the company where the position is offered outsources mainly from them.

i guess my question is how binding is that agreement i made with the first firm and does it even matter if i agree to not talk to any other firm about the same position that they offered me. and can i just refuse to sign such an agreement in the future. it doesnt seem like the bigger firms do any of that nonsense

I may be too ignorant about this subject to give good advice, so please take it with a grain of salt.

I just don’t see a real need for recruiters. I feel like you will be your biggest advocate and in the long run any company desperate enough to rely on recruiters would likely be happy to advertise the position and take your resume directly.

The idea of being locked into a contract with a recruiter only serves them. The contract makes it more likely that they will get a commission and limits your options, which is the opposite of what someone looking for a job needs.

I feel like when it comes to negotiating your salary you may be able to ask for more without a recruiter too, because the company will not have to pay for the recruiter expenses.

Like I said, I’m really ignorant about this whole process, but doing the grunt work yourself and cutting out the middle man would be my advice. Smarter, more experienced people may have a different view.

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He is talking about a recruiter demanding exclusivity, not an employer.

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Don’t sign. If they need you badly enough, they’ll compromise.

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OH, I’ve got it wrong then! Sorry! :sweat_smile:

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A contract is a contract.

Best you can do is tell Recruiter B that Recruiter A already submitted you for the role but you never heard back, see if they can contact Recruiter A or ask the company about it. Have you ever followed up with Recruiter A yourself?

The smaller firms do this since they’re getting, on average, 15%-20% of your annual salary as commission, and that revenue is pretty vital for those smaller firms. Not that I advocate for recruiters at all…


If you signed, it is most likely legally binding. Whether it is worth it for the firm to litigate is a different matter entirely, but in general, don’t sign anything without understanding the terms of the contract you sign.

Since you’ve already signed a contract use your recruiter for what they should HELP you do. If they suck, move on. Typically contracts like that have an end date, ie 90 days.

That said forego recruiters altogether, go to tech meetups where I’ve formally met some Hiring mangers directly, and impress in person.

well im having trouble getting a gig on my own so ill take all the help i can get. the contracts are usually short term anyways and all i really want right now is some professional experience