Benefit of Syntax Example

The JavaScript curriculum lesson entitled “Ignore Case While Matching” within the “RegEx” portion of the course material, which is located at URL: could be greatly enhanced if it was edited to add an example. Having done at least one lesson daily, since discovering FCC earlier this year, I’ve really had no trouble understanding the lessons. With this, the description of the method and the logic were easy; however, the syntax, was no easy to guess from this lesson and I couldn’t understand the syntax until I looked at an example (which unfortunately was a spoiler–the code its self).

I alway recommend reading the documentation on new things, and especially so for something like RegEx which has so much going on with it.

FCC is a great resource, but if you are just going through the lessons you will not get as in depth of look as you other wise could. FCC does provide plenty of articles for a more in depth look on plenty of topics, and from the ones I have read they are a great and informative.

There are plenty of great resources out there, and I’ll link two which I believe to be highly reliable:

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