Besides FCC's projects, what else should I do?

Currently, I am done with the Front-end projects, 60% done with Visualize Data and finished all the Microservice projects.

Of course, I will continue finishing as much as I can, but what else should I be doing to increase my chance of landing a job? Even though I am learning a lot on tackling new problems and libraries with these projects, I am sure I can do something more.

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated

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Thanks for responding @P1xt

Yes, I’ve learned how to use them during my time learning projects (still learning webpack, but so far gulp has been pretty easy to learn)

I did tinker with Jasmine.js while back. I haven’t used it any of the FCC’s project, simply because I don’t see myself testing in small application project. But I will look into it!

I bought “Cracking the Coding Interview” book awhile back. Unfortunately because it’s written for Java, I’ve done handful of them. Do you have any other sources you would recommend for algorithm interviews?

Honestly, it drives me crazy to write code on CodePen because of the small windows! I am glad I was able to move everything to setup in my computer.

I’ll look into the UX course. It seems very interesting