Best 2-in-1 tablets

I am really struggling to decide which 2-in-1 tablets are a great deal for web developing on the go?

I really need help before the start of the university.

I am on a tight budget maximum price i can go for is £500.

Many thanks in advance.

Why does it need to be a 2-in-1 tablet?

so it can be easy to carry for university.

I have an HP laptop, but it is heavy where i commute for long time.

Honestly I wouldn’t consider any to be “a great deal for web developing on the go”. You certainly can program on anything, but you’ll probably find that you end up doing almost all of your programming at home on your HP. Choose your tablet based on other considerations. Any of the inexpensive systems you’re considering are going to be about the same for development.

Thank you.

I am considering buying Surface Pro, but still studying other options.

I’ve heard good things about them as computer-like tablets go.

Of course, you could always hook up to an external monitor at another site. Like if you can find an internet cafe or the like. Idk.

my only reason of thinking to buy a 2-in-1 laptops is because i cannot carry my HP laptop everyday where is kinda heavy.

And i am so focusing on web developing and will start to study android applications.
So, i wanted something which will be light and serve me greatly.

Fair enough. Hope you find something that fits your needs.

What you will probably find is that you will mostly use your lightweight device for taking notes in class and browsing the internet. When it comes time to work on programming (either for class or personal projects) you’ll choose to do those on your HP - mostly at home but also lugging it around when you know that what you’re going to be doing is programming. I’ve been in your position and can attest to the fact that you and your classmates will avoid programming on your small devices as much as possible.

thanks. I hope that too.

your kinda right. I will see what should i do. Thank you for your time.