Best approach for a noob to take in the first challenges?

Hi all!

I’m new to the forum and have now reached the profile page challenge.

I’m completely new to coding (apart from Basic on my ZX Spectrum too many years ago).

I’m wondering on the best way to approach a challenge or project. I’m wondering whether it is good practice to get all the layout bits sorted first and then polished/add content/images?

Or, work from the top of the page down, getting each bit as near to ready/first draft as possible?

I appreciate that different approaches will suit different people, but if I can get your advice and so begin with ‘good habits’ I’m sure it will be a great hellp to me.

Any thoughts you have will be gratefully received :grinning:

For me, I’d start where I feel more comfortable doing. If I have an idea how to build the javascript part, I’ll start there and build basic necessary HTML tags to talk with javascript. Or if I have a design I really want to implement the layouts, I’ll build it out and see.

After a few challenges I’ve completed, I feel more comfortable doing either way. My suggestion is to use pure CSS and Javascript until you feel very comfortable how they work. Then you can use Bootstrap and jQuery to make your life easier. And Google is always there to guide you. Its a good practice to google.

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@thisiswhale, thank you for your advice!

I like the idea of focussing on CSS and Javascript to begin with. It makes sense to me to have a firm grasp on those before I look at other things I can add to simplify and shortcut the writing process so thank you for steering me that way.

I’m currently lucky to have time to invest in learning (or unlucky enough to have recently been made redundant) so i do, as you suggest, spend a lot of time on Google to either find out how to do something or learn more about what I already know so far.

My learning preference is to do first then look at examples of other peoples work and I tend to prefer starting with an overall theme/layout in mind.

That said, at this stage my knowledge level is low so I am focussing on functionality rather than making it look pretty. Does that sound about right to you?

How far along are you with FCC? Are there any things to avoid or any additional resourcces you could recommend?

Best wishes,

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Honestly, just keep coding. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Your brain was slowly and surely get used to the process. As a beginner, it’s a good idea to look at other people’s examples. You’ll see there are many different approaches to get their coding objectives.

And yes, as a developer, its best to focus on functionality, they are the backbone of the app.

I just completed the FreeCodeCamp Front-End Certificate and I find you learn a lot more building projects than the tutorial challenges. Take practice to read documentations. This is a good site to learn CSS layout.

That’s brilliant, thank you, and congratulations on your Front End cettificate!

I’ll set some time asiide to look through the site you recommend and carry on thrugh the syllabus.

Best wishes