Best approach for static webpage

Hi there

I need too display a presentation with exact fonts, colors, design etc. onto a static site with multiple pages.

Back in the 90’s I hard coded some webpages and 10 years ago I made a wordpress site using a theme. Both approaches fairly straightforward.

I’m trying with the wordpress approach again but I constantly run into customization limitations such as not being able to customize the footer, the theme not offering the right fonts, etc.

I’m currently trying to access the code in order to hard code the corrections but accessing the scripts from wp is giving me challenges as well.

It used to be much easier, but today it seems much harder, which really contradicts what would be expected.

Any suggestions? Did I get off with the wrong approach?

Any of those are good choices, there’s no point using WP for a static site if you just want some HTML/CSS/possibly JS files + some assets.

This could be because you’re using prebuilt themes, they will always be harder to customise.

Thank you so much both of you for taking your time to answer my question. I will start over again with a non-WP approach :slight_smile:

I’ve never used the wordpress editor, because it gets in my way and I never had the MS Office experience to make sense of their analogies.
On self-hosted Wordpress (not I just edited the php files on the file system (on the child theme of course).