Best beginner books for learning MEAN stack

Hi everyone, just got my front end development cert and moving on to the backend projects. Doing a few online tutorials for the MEAN stack to get me started, but none of them are really in depth. Actually looking for books now. Any recommendations for the best beginner books on Mongo, Express, Angular and Node JS???

I haven’t read this yet, so can’t comment on quality, but today’s free book from Packt publishing focussed on MEAN. Follow this link:

@P1xt i know nothing about express/node. can i take the edex course?

I can’t recommend Manning publishing enough - I’m sure they have a mean stack book

I recommend you this book, it is verey interesting and will explained, I read just two chapters but I like it.

You can find it for free here:

use the mirror [1], and good luck


I just bought MEAN Web Development last night. I haven’t read it yet so I can’t tell you how in depth it is, but it has great reviews on Amazon, O’Reilly and Packt’s website. And the ebook is only $10 for a limited time (ends today, I think).

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I know you said books, but I loved Andrew Mead’s courses on Udemy. His Node Developer course made things so clear and easy.

He also has some “short courses” on his website ( Good samplers for how you’ll learn in his big courses.

I still use them as reference while moving through the challenges here.