Best beginner site to SELF-learn python?

Best resources to self learn python as an absolute beginner? I’d like a comprehensive resource that can teach me as if I went to uni, but also more practical and not TOO theory. (Like codeacademy - interactive, but codeacademy i feel not indepth enough). Maybe Udemy/Data camp etc? Cheers!!!

I’ve yet to find a single site that will teach you everything you need to know to get you going from scratch with python.

Learn Python looks like they have a good range of tutorials to at least get you going with the general mechanics of python.

After that you go to Code Wars to do coding problems in order to cement what you’ve learned into your grey matter.

The you go out into the wild and try to cobble up things on your own. Watch videos, read blogs, look through repos, etc

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I’ve just started using Python myself, and I found this video on youtube. He breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand and it doesn’t strain the eyes if your watching it on a mobile device.


I found this and it may help you out big time: