Best book on JavaScript

I have recently started learning JavaScript, as I’m getting more or less confident with HTML and CSS.

Can anyone suggest any books on that matter (books that have personally helped you)? I have been following the freecodecamp curriculum, but it seems like getting a book in addition to that would be a good idea.


This doesn’t answer your question., but, if you devote yourself from start to finish on this site you will easily cover what many books will charge you $50+ for.

Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbekeis very good, is free online, and the online edition has a built-in code editor to work on the problems. The beautifully-written introduction alone is worth reading. The difficulty ramps up quite quickly, but I would say it’s probably the best and most complete introduction, and it’s the one that gets recommended most often.

After that, JavaScript Allongé by Reginald Braithwaite is very much worth reading. Its subject is how to program using functions, written by someone who clearly just enjoys programming for programming’s sake.

Functional Javascript by Michael Fogus, and The Principles of Object-Oriented Javascript by Nicholas Zakas are both excellent for introducing, respectively, how functional programming and OO programming in JS work. The Functional book is the best I’ve ever read on JS, has probably taught me more than everything else combined.

Once you have a handle on things, all the Axel Rauschmayer books are fantastic reference, particularly Exploring ES6, which I still refer to constantly, the examples are terrific.

Thanks so much Dan.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I think investing a bit of money to buy books is definitely worth it as this point.