Best JS Framework to learn?

I’m already comfortable with both CSS and JS, so now I’m wanting to start a new framework.

These are all the frameworks I’m interested in

  • React JS / Redux - I’ve used React before, but didn’t use it enough to understand it all that way, I made a small website with it and never picked it up again, I don’t really understand how it benefits on big websites (well, sort of do)
  • Vue.js - Don’t know much about it
  • TypeScript - Not a framework, but I also heard it’s really good, but I’m guessing this one isn’t as hard to learn as the other ones
  • Next JS - Don’t know anything about it, but know of it’s the existence

Which one should I focus on now? TypeScript, I want to learn, but it’s not all that different from JavaScript so I want something other than TS. The one I’m most inclined to is react as it’s the most talked one.

if your focus is a job, maybe take a look at job postings and see what’s more in demand

if you are learning for your personal interest, goes with what intrigues you most
you can always learn the others later

I’m still in high-school so it’s still too early to think about a job.

I’m most intrigued with React and TS, so I think I’ll go with that, probably learn TS first and then once I’m comfortable start with React. You’re right, if I’m not looking for a job it doesn’t really matter which framework I learn at the moment, I guess I was just thinking ahead of myself. thanks

What you have in that list are three different things:

  • React and Vue are component frameworks for Javascript. They’re what you’d use to build the visual components of an app and much of its behavior.

  • TypeScript is a language that adds a strong type system to JS, and can be used anywhere JS is, since it actually turns into JS once it’s compiled. You’d use TS to write apps in, including React and Vue components.

  • NextJS is a framework built on React that helps you put together efficient Single Page Apps (SPAs) or just organize non-SPA apps. It also comes with a nice build toolchain for developers like a hot-reloading dev server, as well as built-in support for TypeScript and SASS and so forth. In short, it’s something you glue together your React components with.

So to sum up, everything in that list except for Vue all ties together: you’d ideally write a NextJS app with React components written in TypeScript . BTW, if you do go the Vue route, its equivalent to NextJS is called Nuxt.

If you want a language that plays in the JS ecosystem but is radically different than JS, you could check out Elm or PureScript. I’m partial to PureScript as a language, but Elm is probably easier to get started with. Neither of them are particularly easy to use with things like NextJS, and instead they have their own frameworks that better fit the idioms of those languages.

Yeah, I think I’ll stick with React and then maybe integrate NextJS. TypeScript, I feel like it is super beneficial, so I might learn that before React. And it doesn’t change the core of JS syntax so it shouldn’t be too bad

Even though there are some big differences between frameworks there are also a lot of similarities. Most of the high-level concepts, like reactivity and state management will transfer over from one framework to the next. It might be handled differently but the concepts are the same.

React and TS are definitely skills in demand so you can’t really go wrong with that I would say.

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