Best language to generate desired results for OnePage Snap Scroll w/Sticky Navbar - Wireframe and detailed description available

Hello! First time posting in the forums and I wasn’t sure if this was the right place or not to ask this question - so in advance I apologize.

I’ve been trying to get back into coding since a friend of mine got a job at Host Gator and is somewhat pressuring me to apply for their Web Development position they’ve hinted will be becoming available in the near future. I’ve only really dealt with the basics for Front-End Web Design and have only recently in the past couple years delved into Bootstrap, but I’ve only scratched the surface!

With this in mind I’ve been trying to build a portfolio and just a general template for a rather specific OnePage design that I haven’t seen anywhere with my keyword searches (One page, snap scroll, smooth scroll, sticky/fixed navbar, etc), some of them come close but I’m having difficulty importing the missing pieces into the already functioning code without breaking it!

So in an effort to get some suggestions on what to do I threw together a wireframe in photoshop showing the basics of what one of the websites I’m developing will essentially look like. I’ve uploaded the image to imgur but I can upload it here instead if required.

Wireframe <-- CLICKY


  • One page
  • Full width sticky/fixed navbar at the top of the screen (preferably with a transparent background until the user starts to scroll)
  • Full width image slideshow/scroller
  • Each “page” is full height/width (with the option to add margin/padding)
  • Scrolling snaps to the next “page”, nothing from previous or the next page spilling, all content can be viewed on the single page for standard desktop resolutions, resolutions smaller (or the height is greater than width) than 1920x1080 will have normal smooth scrolling (if at all possible)

My OnePage Collection; These designs are similar to what I wish to achieve or possess most but not all aspects and break when implementing them.