Best method for functioning forms ? PHP? Javascript?

Best method for functioning forms ? PHP? Javascript?
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I’ve searched this and am settled on creating my own form for my portfolio site using some PHP script copied and pasted into a contact.php file which I will upload to my hosting. But…I’m wondering if there is a more modern way, or this is how it’s supposed to be done?

I have seen that there are open source third-party services that essentially allow you to use their php script to post to your email. I’m wondering however if this produces a page back that has the “message received” type response once the button is clicked. It seems client-side validation is achievable with javascript. Please help! This is for the portfolio project that I’ve been delaying because of hiccups like this. I want a functioning page. There seems to be direct to personal email capability using “action method:get …

My question is how to provide feedback after the button is clicked. I think I could use jquery to select the event and produce a message linked to the button using…I’m sure I can manage this i was just wondering the easiest way. Or if there are pre-built scripts or something that manage the posting, validation and the layout already available in bootstrap. The one I have downloaded don’t seem to work. Sorry for the confused message. I’m confused!!


If you want some feedback to appear without the page reloading, you can try Ajax. A simple $.post() function would do. You can pass a callback sucess function to it. Just Google Ajax. You can use some framework for your project for form validation.


Have you tried it’s a very simple way to add functioning forms to you website. And if you want you can customize it too. All you need is a little Javascript to make it your own style


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I generally use an add-on to Node.JS called Socket.IO. It’s an unbeliveably easy way to get started with client-server communications in real-time, and it also has binary streaming, so you can send just about anything.


It may be a bit biased but I avoid PHP at all costs, so javascript.


Thanks. This was what I was looking at. How do I go about implementing feedback to the user that the form has been sent or an error message though?

Whichever way is the standard way I can do. I’ve looked at Ajax and php tutorials to do it. I just want the proper way to do it so I can carry on using the same method in future sites. I may be missing the form validation and feedback on formspree as it doesn’t work from codepen. So maybe this is included and I just can’t see it.

So Github pages is for a site to be uploaded and tested whilst working on it? What’s the difference over using my own Web hosting? (I have a domain but no site yet)



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Ah. This seems like the way to go for now.

Just wondering … If I choose to use git for version control and also pages as in the guide you linked to – do I have a way of saving locally from within Codepen? Or do I have to create separate html, css and js files? It would be handing if there was a way that it saved locally as well as these could then be committed to Git and render on GitPages.



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