Best MOOCs to take in conjunction with FCC?

Hey everyone. I’m almost done with the Responsive Web Design challenges and will tackle the projects soon. Does anyone have any recommendations on good MOOCs to take in conjunction with FCC? I’m debating whether I should take another web dev course to reinforce everything and make more projects, whether I should jump into the Javascript Algorithms cert, or take a JS MOOC or some other class prior to continuing. Struggling to figure out if I should go for breadth or depth at this point as I’m totally new to coding.

CS50 by Stanford University

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x2 on CS50—a definite must-do at some point, but it’ll be different for everyone as to the best time to take the course. It may not be the best idea to jump into it right now, but you should definitely do it eventually. Also it’s by Harvard, not Stanford. :wink:

Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp and Brad Schiff’s Git a Web Developer Job on Udemy are both essential. They’re a bit obsolete now in terms of content, but are both still very applicable and fill in some necessary holes that the FCC curriculum doesn’t cover.

Those two courses are just for starters—there are definitely more MOOCs that I’d recommend, but doing those two will get you started on the path towards front-end development, and that’s not even considering any front-end frameworks yet. When you get into a front-end framework, because you will, that’ll likely involve another course.

There are also lots of related side topics that deserve their own course eventually—a CSS preprocessor (Sass, Less, PostCSS), CSS itself, ES6/ES2015, Git, Node.js/NPM…the list goes on.

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Thank you! I’ve just started “The Result Oriented Web Developer” It’s supposed to be similar to the Udemy courses you mentioned but a bit more updated. Almost done with the HTML portion and it’s been great review after doing FCC. I definitely feel like I need to take a CSS specific class after Web Dev course.

Definitely adding that Harvard course to my list!