Best Order to Follow JS Modules?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been working through ‘Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification’ in the order that it presents itself through completing a section/exercise and clicking next.

This took me from Basic JavaScript and on to ES6 (as you would see in the curriculum layout).

Approaching the end of ES6 now, it seems quite obvious that ES6 is NOT the natural progression following on from Basic JavaScript. Lots of references and required use of functions/concepts that have not yet been explained at all - Until I realised this I was getting really frustrated with myself as to why there seemed to be quite an increase in difficulty having not had many issues with getting through Basic JavaScript.

So what does everybody think is the best way to go through these modules? Having had a look at what each module contains, I suppose I would suggest the following:

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Functional Programming
  • Basic Algorithm Scripting
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Debugging
  • Regular Expressions
  • ES6
  • Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects

I’m sure there are elements between these modules that have a degree of crossover, but keep in mind i’m somewhat of a noob so some exercises within the modules I have no idea what they are by their names!

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I haven’t gone through the curriculum enough to give more specific feedback than this, but ideally you want the ES6 stuff as early as possible, for the simple reason that it deprecates or improves upon many of the warts in JS. It makes writing in a functional or OO style much easier, and generally makes the algorithm code a lot simpler.

The issue is I think that it is set up as kind of “Advanced JavaScript” (when in fact it’s just JavaScript), and the curriculum kinda makes you step through non-es6 first so not sure how practical that is.

I have to agree with - the es6 seems way too soon, and those challenges are written entirely too complex for a beginner - A fix might be to move the es6 section or rewrite the some of the challenges so they are more approachable for beginners


Yes, I agree with that. It feels a little glued-on to the curriculum, and as you say too complex; there are quite a few contrived challenges that I think overcomplicate what should be relatively simple things (the destructuring stuff in particular).

I certainly understand that there are different things within ES6 that it does make sense to start using as soon as possible (goodbye var variables), but it definitely does seem that most of the challenges are drawing on knowledge from different areas that haven’t been explained yet.

It’d be nice if some of these exercises were looked at again and rewritten keeping in mind that all the user has gone through at this point is Basic JavaScript.

Thankfully i’m through ES6 now! Some concepts are quite hazy still so i’ll definitely be revisiting it once I’ve worked through some other JS

I completely agree, I had to leave ES6 because I was getting frustrated at the Higher Function problem…which should be introduced AFTER functional programming in my opinion.

That’s just my take but that’s how I’m going about it

  1. Basic Javascript
  2. Basic Data Structure
  3. Basic Algorithm
  4. Debugging

I like the basic algorithm as they are my daily challenge (1 per day) and then move on to other parts of the curriculum. Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming would evidently be the next after that.

Anyway. We agree, ES6 makes no sense after Basic Javacript.

This post clears up all the frustration that i’m going through! That ES6 section is waaay to complicated, i won’t lie i was struggling and feeling overwhelmed, information overload. I think i’ll follow your above guide. Thanks a mil cheers

Hey @Markitos, it’s only at the beginning, don’t worry :slight_smile:
Like any natural language, there is no shortcut or magic roadmap to learn it - you have to learn all of it. Discussion what to learn first nouns, verbs or adjectives either have no sense or have very minor impact.

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They putted in lessons where you need to know algoritmes to understand them fully. They aren’t mention in the lessons themself and make a lot of people very confused.