Best place to ask questions directly related to FCC config & related GitHub repositories?

I have some questions relating to the configuration of the FCC guide and it’s related GitHub repository.

Where is the best place to ask these kind of questions? Is it here on the forum (possibly in another category?) Or directly on GitHub, by way of opening an issue?

There is a Contributors section of this forum, but the most active place for this sort of discussion seems to be the Contributors Gitter room.

Thank you very much @ArielLeslie. I had overlooked the contributors section, noted for the future. However, that Gitter room looks perfect! Will hop in there. I’m surprised I’ve not seen that anywhere on the site, seems kind of invisible… even on the Gitter site itself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Thanks for the link.

The Gitter chat is intended for people who are contributing to the codebase, so it’s only mentioned in the contributing guide.