Best place to deploy?

I am going back and forth between Netlify and Firebase, but I’m not quite sure yet. I made a JAMstack project that worked perfectly with Gatsby and React. However, with this current project, I have one repo with two folders: client (react) & server (node/express). What is the best/cheapest/fastest way to deploy this site? I heard Netlify is just for static sites? What are my options here?

I have a react / node, express app where I hosted the backend on heroku, and the front end on surge. Only pain is that heroku goes to sleep, but still…maybe the idea to host your front and back ends seperately will give you some ideas.

I literally am coming from that setup, hahaha. I found Heroku going to sleep is annoying and the custom domain name on surge seemed annoying as well.

Well dang. LOL

Btw, what problems did you have with setting up a custom domain name on surge? I just did mine, for my portfolio and it was pretty quick.

I had it able to type in my domain but it when it sent for a request, it just went to

Wow…not good. Hrmm… I followed the directions here on the surge site and everything went through fine. Maybe contact them to see whats up with that? Cause thats pretty weird.

Following along… I have a React app with a Rails database I wanted to deploy or at least find a way to have a demo (it’s the one I worked on last year as part of my “capstone/portfolio project”). Trying to get it to work on Heroku but I think I’m missing something in one of the files (probably a start script). The “going to sleep” with Heroku is a block for sure but don’t know where else to host it- I don’t think the web host I have could handle it even though my plan has mySQL DB capabilities…