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Anybody have some good resources for API’s? I am trying to find info about world population data separated by countries and has info about their economic status (1st world - 3rd world), what type of government do they have, different religions and what % of the population is those religions, and other general stats like race, ethnicity, and sex.

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These might help

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Thank you for the resource @jwilkins.oboe. I checked it out and it helped with the population data sorted by country, but didn’t have any info for the other fields when I searched through the website.

The CIA world factbook would give you most of this: the dataset is public so you can get it directly. I can’t find a live version of that but that’s from a very quick Google, but I assume more than one person has put it up live,

Note though

This doesn’t mean what you think it means: first world was the US/Western Europe and their allies, second world was the Soviet Union and her allies, third world was all the rest. It’s not the cold war and the Soviet Union doesn’t exist now, so neither does that classification (which wasn’t economic level).

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Thanks for the resource @DanCouper . I looked at it and it has all of the information I was looking for. I did a quick search and found a few API’s (even one on GitHub) that I think i would be able to work with.


thanks for the clarification. Every time I have heard either 1st world or 3rd world used it has always seemed to be in reference to the nation’s economic status compared to the rest of the world.

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Sorry, this is a complete digression, but yeah, it’s often used as a shorthand for that. But afaik the terms were only ever used in the west (which would make sense, and I think it’s specifically the English speaking part, though I’m not 100%). It does bear a relation to economic status, because generally western bloc countries had higher GNP, then eastern bloc countries, then the rest.

Third world is the only one that is really used now, repurposed to refer to developing nations. But then that doesn’t really mean anything: there’s no real set of criteria that says a country is third world. During the cold way there kinda was, but even then, very blurry. Eg, Switzerland could be considered a third world country under previous definition. And India could be called a third world country under current common definition.

Anyway, tl/dr usage of the terms is a holdover from the cold war and they don’t really mean anything, and even usage of “third world” is disappearing pretty quickly.

I have seen 1st world a lot

The internet defines it as

a frustration or complaint only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries

By the way this is the source code for the API in the Git Hub repository

src = “GitHub - iancoleman/cia_world_factbook_api: Converts the CIA World Factbook into a json data structure

Yeah, but that’s an informal term. It’s based on the privilege inherent to being a citizen of a wealthy western bloc country, but it’s just a joke, grist for memes.

Hi @Hello_Forum

Here is a good list of public APIs I have used in the past: GitHub - public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs
You might find something under the “Geocoding”, “Open Data”, or “Government” categories. You may need to leverage more than one to get the info you are looking for.

Here’s another one I just found: Rest countries API |

Good luck! HiL

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