Best place to post my projects?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for the best place to post my project.

I just made a mario racing game with HTML/CSS and I am looking to post it.

It has 5 pages of HTML and CSS stylesheets and quite a few images.

I looked to post on Codepen but I see you need a pro membership to add images and I’m not sure if you can add multiple pages of HTML but doesn’t look like it. Looks like just one page of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

So just wondering if the best thing is to attach this to my hosting for others to view?

End goal is I would just like to share this project with others. I know its nothing crazy but its the first project I’ve taken on by myself and with no tutorials so I want to share to feel like it had a purpose beyond me just working on some muscle memory stuff.

I would try reddit as well. /r/html

Have you looked into GitHub Pages?

Hey thank you. After watching a bunch of Youtube videos on Github and Git. I got it live. Check it out here.

    Screen Width: 1366 pixels
    Screen Height: 768 pixels

My screen resolution which made the transitions from page to page and grabbing the power ups flawless and in sync are below. The site hasnt been modifeid or adjusted to other screen sizes or devices. So the power ups dont look very smooth or in line at all on other screen sizes. The player icons may not even be in line with the track on most devices…

It was the first project I tackled on my own though. Mainly just getting used to keyframes and animations.

Screen Width: 1366 pixels

Screen Height: 768 pixels

Congrats on getting it figured out.